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Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to chat to their pet, of getting inside the head or heart of their dog, of finding out what their cat is thinking, of talking to their horse?

That dream is now possible thanks to what is known as intuitive animal communication, through which I give you the chance to find out what your animal is thinking and feeling.

Animal communication is based on telepathic communication and intuition.
Animals have always been able to communicate with each other by means of telepathic or energy waves.

We’ve all had that experience of having “felt something” flow from one being to another, whether it’s between humans and animals and/or between animals.
Anyone who owns an animal has, at some time or other, communicated with them without even realising. You might remember a specific moment when you understood what your animal wanted from you.
Sadly, society and human development have caused us to relinquish a skill we once all possessed.


What is the purpose of animal communication ?


Animal communication can be used to find the answers to these questions and more :

• Is my pet happy ?

• Is there something that can make them even happier ?

• Are they OK about having a particular operation ?

• What are they are suffering from ?

• Where does it hurt ?

• Do they want to be put down or to see their illness/condition through to the bitter end ?

• What message are they trying to get across to us ?

• What are the reasons for the fears they have ?

An answer can now be found to these questions and many more besides.


Animal communication also helps save time when it comes to training your pets, especially horses and dogs.

It should not be used, however, to coerce animals.
Each and every animal has their own free will, and they act according to their own desires. It is important to respect that.
Communicating with your animal allows you forge a bond of trust with them. This helps create a positive working environment and enables you to develop positive new strategies.

Find out about my training background in animal communication.


My training background in animal communication


In 2009, I had the opportunity to take a course given by animal communication pioneer Caroline Leroux in Quebec.
I have been communicating with animals ever since.

For ethical reasons I only communicate with animals when I have the consent of their owners.
Animal communication is not restricted to domestic pets. It is entirely possible to communicate with wild animals too.


My approach


The process starts with the owner forwarding me a photo of the animal and a series of questions.

Animal communication has no boundaries and is not restricted by time, space or language differences.

I can therefore communicate with animals in France and elsewhere.

Please note: I do not take care of strays or missing animals.


For animals communications outside France, thank you to contact me by email only ! or